Tip #1: Implicit Optional Initialization

An optional var defaults to nil (p1), but not when its type is Optional (like p3) struct Demo { var p1: String? // defaults to `nil` let p2: String? // compiler error var p3: Optional<String> // compiler error let p4: Optional<String> // compiler error } Source

Tip #2: Development Assets

The default Xcode template contains a Preview Content folder, ideal for placing assets only used in previews and mocking data for tests. This works thanks to DEVELOPMENT_ASSET_PATHS (reference), a build setting defining files and directories excluded from archive and install builds.

Tip #3: Editorial guidelines for Apple

Apple maintains a style guide providing guidelines to help maintain a consistent voice in Apple materials, including documentation, reference materials, training, and user interfaces. via

Tip #4: TTS using Personal Voice

Since iOS 17, AVSpeechSynthesizer can use a Personal Voice, a synthesized voice that sounds like your own. via